SoftRescue Pro Edition

SoftRescue Pro Edition

Automatically reinstalls your programs on a new set up

SoftRescue Pro Edition is a software program designed to automatically reinstall your programs. Reinstalling lost programs on your computer requires time and effort to get the task done.

SoftRescue Pro Edition will complete the reinstallation process after the auto pilot feature of this product has been initiated. The Auto Pilot does all the work and reinstalls your programs from scratch.

The SoftRescue Pro Edition even backs up the license keys of your programs and ensures they are entered properly before the reinstallation process begins.

When you buy a new computer, a major task is to ensure all the programs you had on your previous computer are available on the new one. SoftRescue Pro Edition will make sure every program you had on your old computer will be reinstalled properly on any new computer you have.

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